Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Joanie Kissell
September 7, 2010

I was working as a floater in the Secretarial Department at Kenyon & Kenyon when I first met Rich Gresalfi.   I noticed this very kind looking, unassuming man walking down the hallway in a blue oxford shirt, no tie, and a big smile.   I introduced myself to him.   "Hello, I'm Joanie Kissell.   You must be Rich Gresalfi, right?" I asked.  "Yes, I am," he replied.   "Well, it's nice to meet you.....I guess you are the big cheese, and it's nice to say hello," I said rather stupidly.  "More like Swiss cheese," Rich replied.   We both laughed.  But it kind of sums up the type of warm, easy going personality Rich conveyed to everyone who worked with him.  I didn't work directly with Rich, but I never heard a bad word against him, and his colleagues all seemed to admire and respect him very much.
In November of 2009, Rich and I were both part of a video clip that was aired on Fox News 5 the day before the Yankees World Series Parade.  Again, he was funny and down to earth, and also very excited about the fun we all had the next day during the Parade.   It's just so hard to fathom he won't be here ever again.   We will all miss him...a lot.  To his family and friends, my deepest condolences.   Rest in peace, Mr. G.
Joanie Kissell