Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Jaime Siegel
September 7, 2010

Words will never be able to fully capture the incredible sense of loss all of Rich’s friends and family have suffered.  Rich was a rare person.  Rich was my mentor, advisor, counsel and one of my best friends.  The thing about Rich is that even though I considered him one of my best friends, I know that there are many others that do too.  That was just the kind of guy that Rich was.  We are all going to miss him.

Rich influenced me in many ways, some expected , some not so much.   I started wearing undershirts because of Rich.  He said they made the day more comfortable.  Of course that was because he had an open hose under his shirt.  But, I tried it, and have stuck with it ever since.  Rich taught me that it was possible to have to shave three times a day.  And, I will always know that you have to know the documents to win a case.

We shared so many firsts together.  We shared our first trip to Japan in 1996.  I still remember Rich being so excited about bringing home a remote control Godzilla for Chris.  I hear from Chris that Godzilla isn’t doing so well these days.  I drank my first vodka martini on the rocks with olives with Rich in DC.  My dad and I went with Rich and his dad when he picked up his last boat – it was a great day – even if he was too afraid to push the throttle past 20 knots.  I was with Rich the first time he took that boat out at night coming back .

from Connecticut.  We drove the fastest either of us ever had, or has since in a rented Porsche in Germany (He was a bit of a wuss and stopped at 150mph – he was white as a sheet when I hit 175!).  We went to our first and only Super Bowl together, and bought Tom Brady’s Dad a beer. 

The most important thing to Rich though, was his family.  He was so incredibly proud of his kids.  Rightfully so. 

Rich and Jayne have been an integral part of Amy’s and my life for more than a decade.  Almost everything fun that we did over the last decade, other than with our family, generally involved them.  Life just isn’t going to be as much fun without Rich, and the world just feels a little emptier.

Jaime Siegel