Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Tom Haupt
September 6, 2010

This week’s blog is dedicated to a good friend I knew back in high school, Rich Gresalfi. Rich passed on Sept 1 at the young age of 51 from a heart attack. He is survived by a wife and 3 beautiful children. Although I hadn’t seen or spoken to Rich in probably 25 years, when I received the call from another good friend about Rich’s passing, I immediately saw the picture of Rich back in the day, with a huge smile on his face. Rich was always smiling and having a good time. And although I hadn’t seen or spoken to him over the years, it seemed like yesterday we were playing ball at the park after school.

Rich was one of those good guys in high school. Not a punk and not a jerk, just a good guy with a brain in his head who went on to be a successful attorney. What makes this sad news especially challenging for me is the realization of how fast time flies. Isn’t it true we get so caught up with the day to day activities of living, that we forget to have a life? I’m as guilty as the next person. I have spent the better half of my life striving for what’s next and what’s around the corner that I’ve overlooked what’s important right there in front of me, my faith, my family and my friends. You’ve heard it before, no one will really care how much money you made or how many widgets you sold in 100 years long after you’re gone. They will remember the legacy you left though and the difference you made with your faith, family and friends.

If Rich has left a legacy behind. His legacy to me is one I will appreciate and respect every week of my life. It’s time right now to S  L  O  W down and appreciate what’s in front of me. Sure we all have to make a living and provide food on the table and a roof over our heads. I get that. However, I challenge you during your day to day life experiences to take a moment and appreciate your faith, appreciate your family and appreciate your friends.

Time for me to get started, so I’ll wrap up this blog and get off the computer. Rest in Peace Rich Gresalfi, you’ve made your mark on me.

Tom Haupt

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