Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Corinne Plastino
September 18, 2010

Rich lived and loved in a way that profoundly touched the hearts and lives of those around him. Even as a child, his infectious grin and sense of humor captivated family, friends, and strangers... He had a way of making people laugh and could pull off what mere mortals like me could simply not get away with. He had a way of making everyone around him feel special. In the words of family and friends: “It’s nice to finally meet you, Rich has told me so much about you.” Not surprisingly, Rich was often Best Man. Persuasive and generous of heart, Rich was born a natural leader, often including others in his many pursuits and adventures, spreading good will and cherished memories that began in childhood and continued throughout his life to include an ever widening circle of those who knew him and loved him. Even in their tragic loss, family, friends and colleagues view his treasured and too short a time here as a precious gift. Wise beyond his years with a keen ability to focus on what was important Rich would cut to the chase, spending the rest of the day having fun. Yes, Rich you are so right- life is short, make the most of your time, your life, your love, your work, your family-make it all count. Few can say they didn’t wish in some way, to be like Rich. What a guy. He lived, he loved, he laughed- devoted in all he did. Rich worked hard and played hard. He had a quest for excellence, for learning, for fun, to be the best father, most loving husband, most devoted son, greatest brother, best friend, funniest clown, best lawyer, fairest opponent.. Yet in all his successes, he remained humble and was never afraid to lend a hand or help anyone he could along the way. His many kindnesses will not be forgotten. You are here beside me laughing and your voice is still telling me which way to go. This is not an end, but a new beginning. Thank you for all the.

signs. I love you so much. Reenie Beanie

Corinne Plastino