Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Bill Woerner
September 14, 2010

As I sat through the ceremonies and gatherings for Richard I thought about what people were saying about him.  Many, many people were talking about how fun-loving a man he was, together with the feeling no matter how long they knew him, that he was their best friend.  Well I knew Richard since we were 12 years old and I know who he thought of as his best friend.  I know this because I asked him.  In 1990 I spent many weekends helping Richard construct a playroom and office in his first Northport homes basement.  One Saturday afternoon, covered in sawdust and sweat, I asked him,” Richard did you ever think about who you would consider to be your best friend?”  He said “Hmmm.” and continued nailing.  This was not unusual because in our countless marathon conversations threw the years, the conversations were often one sided.  Many people thought Richard was a quick decision maker but this was typically not the case.  He liked to research and really analyze things he thought were important.  After several minutes of thought he said, “Sorry Willy but I guess my best friend would have to be Jayne.”  And with that ever present boyish charm he smiled at me.  I told him, “Good answer.”

We will all miss you.

Bill Woerner