Testament for Richard S. Gresalfi

By Mariel M. Guevara
September 9, 2010

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of a such a young and vibrant person.  I have worked 3 yrs at Kenyon & Kenyon and I first met Richard Gresalfi when I was just a floater covering for his secretary when I first got here. Not only did he make me feel totally comfortable and at ease (I was a little nervous, being that I was new and he was the Managing Partner), he also was extremely polite and easy going.  I have an anecdote I would like to share involving him that shows what type of person he really was:

I became a permanent employee and have been John Tsavaris' Asst now for a little over 2 yrs. I sit on the 6th floor directly below where Rich's office was on the 7th Fl.; right next to Conf. Rm 6 West.  About a year ago, there was a Trademark and Copyright suit going on with the co. The details I do not know, but I do know that for several weeks Rich organized for several associates to be viewing DVD's in Conf. Rm 6W, right next to my cublicle. He explained to me to keep the door shut and that no one else should be in there except certain attorneys and sometimes after-hours. Since the door does not lock to that Conf. Rm, I assured him that when I arrived in the mornings I would make sure the door was closed. This project went on for several weeks.  One afternoon, around 4:30 or 5pm, there were the usual Associates in the room working - the door was cracked as they were working and someone was whistling, very loudly, the Star Wars theme song - I mean in perfect pitch and quite a strong whistle.  I could hear it and also the Attorneys and Proofreaders on the 6th floor could hear the whistling down the hall.  One person on the floor came to me and said, "Who IS that, can you please tell them

from to stop, it is quite distracting!"

I peaked in, and to my surprise, it was Rich Gresalfi whistling the theme song to Star Wars.  He smiled when he saw me peak in and I just nodded and did an about face. They were watching Star Wars on the DVD machine, I guess screening for Trademark and Copyright stuff?  I told my other colleague, "That is Rich Gresalfi, the Managing Partner, whistling, I am not going to tell him to stop - he can whistle all he wants!"  And my colleague just laughed and we all pretty much laughed and I thought, "Wow, he truly loves what he does, doesn't he?  How cool is that to have a job that you get paid to watch Star Trek?..." and apparently he was also a great whistler.

I lost my father over an unexpected and sudden stroke when he was 52 yrs. old and while I cannot say I know exactly what his family is going thru right now, I can say that I can empathize with his family and my prayers and heart goes out to those he left behind.

Mariel M. Guevara